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Sentience-Led Self-Guided Process


To direct our own process and honor our sentient parts as we heal ourselves through giving free expression to any feeling or sensation wanting expression, thereby giving ourselves more love, freedom, life, vitality, realness and fun.


Begin by locating in your body a feeling or sensation that is currently triggered, or find one that was previously triggered.

Notice every feeling as it comes up, find it in your body and feel deeply into it.

As you feel into it, give the feeling/sensation acceptance and expression in whatever way feels right to you. If you are feeling it then it must be right.

Allow the feeling/sensation you are experiencing to vibrate freely and inform you about what feels good to it and what it wants in the moment.

If there is a judgment or deep denial energy, you can either release it so you can have more love for yourself, or you may choose to express the denial to bring more acceptance to the part experiencing the denial energy. Vibrating the feeling energy with your loving acceptance is another way of releasing any denial energy. You can also ask this part what it wants and give it that in the moment.

It's okay to go as deeply into feelings as you want to.

If in a group, direct the group in whatever way will serve your process.

It's okay to ask for facilitation whenever you desire it.

Stop any facilitation that doesn't feel right for you and tell the group or facilitator what you want.

If someone else is in the middle of process and you feel you want the group's attention, feel free to speak up and the facilitator will help allow everything to get tended to.

Whether done alone or in a group, this practice is meant to be an exploration where you follow your intuition and the flow of the feelings. You can also use any tool you want in any way you want to deepen self-acceptance and love, free expression, and free Will.

Potential questions:

What am I experiencing/feeling?
Where am I feeling it in my body?
What is it like to be with the feeling just as it is?
How does that feel to the feeling?
What would this feeling say if it could speak or express non-verbally.
Would the feeling like to express anything more?
What does the feeling want?
Give yourself what the feeling wants.
How does that feel to the feeling?

Continue using these questions, or better yet use your intuitive guidance to keep your process moving towards more self-acceptance and wholeness.

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