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The links below are to articles covering many of the understandings and tools used in the self healing course. These pages are in support of the talks, discussions and practices in class. However, most articles do not include all of the information that may be needed for a full understanding of how to use the frames and techniques. Also, many of the articles build on understandings from previous articles. The articles are listed in the best order to read to ensure continuity. Please feel free to call John Pateros at 415-226-1121 or email us if you have any questions about how to use these materials.

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Introduction to the Work

Fundamental Principles of Wholeness Work

Overview of the Tools

The Four Stages of Learning

The Iceberg Metaphor

Triggers and the 'Seat of Consciousness'


The Healer

The Healer's Mind

'The Movies' Metaphor

Healing from Guilt

Judgment Release

Perceptual Positions

Regression Process Theory

Regression Script: Repairing the Past

Short Regression Process

Running Energy Practice

Running Energy Script


Advanced Running Energy Practice

Inner Dialogue

Modes of Inner Dialog

Written Dialogue Technique

Working with 'Parts' of the Self

Core Desire Exploration

Working in the Transpersonal Realm

Regression to the Transpersonal Realm

Releasing Denial Energy

Driving Backwards

Deep Practice for Healing to Wholeness

Sentience-Led, Self-Guided Process

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